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PADI INCORPORATED is a firm of attorneys that was created by the vision of Thabo Padi in 1998, specialising in commercial law, collections and insolvency law.

Padi Incorporated was born out of the need to provide an appropriate, relevant and quality legal service to business in general and to assist businesses within South Africa to flourish.

It is our vision to grow and establish ourselves as the most recognised commercial law.

Our firm consists of attorneys whose objectives are:

  • to provide informed, practical legal assistance and expertise in a commercial and socio-economic environment of South Africa;
  • Account Receivables Management (ARM) services to the entire credit life cycle
  • ARM consultancy
  • to position our firm to provide comprehensive legal services to corporate entities, government departments, para-statals, individuals and other legal firms;
  • to ensure that staff members and directors engage in continuing legal and credit management education and training in various areas of law and administration to enable clients to be assisted by people who are knowledgeable in their respective fields.

We believe that no place is too small to receive quality and relevant legal service

Our Mission and Philosophy

Padi Incorporated is committed to providing value to its clients through professional service and commitment.

In its conduct and operations, it is guided by imperatives to:

–           provide services of high quality, timeously and at reasonable costs;

–           be accessible to clients at all reasonable times;

–           innovate, create, add value and excel;

–           establish long term relationship with clients and facilitate alliances beneficial to clients;

–           offer small and developing business a wide range of services at considerable rates; and

–           make its profound contribution to the economic and social development of South Africa.


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